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We believe that philosophy is not limited to academic circles.

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About us

We believe that the purpose of philosophy is not to dictate the social values or to celebrate the world as it is. Rather than asserting the body of knowledge, the job of philosophy is to be critical of the values shared in the modern world. Its duty is to assess the sources of commonly accepted values and knowledge and to be a tool to guide and correct their effects on lifestyles and social institutions.
Our discussions take place in different formats. Our journal gives voice to students who are not necessarily used to sharing their ideas with the public. Our workshops in prison and in schools aim to bring the philosophical word to places where it is not expected. Our radio show gives voice to students and stimulates their creativity through debates and conferences. All these activities allow us to do our bit for the modern philosophy world.

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The members of the association

  • → Ophélie Engramer // President
    → Camille Braune // Vice-President
    → Justin Pillosio // Treasurer
    → Jade Bourdeaux // Secretary-general
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    → Hannah Attar // Editor-in-chief
    → Alexandre Houri-Klein
    → Camille Florance
    → Renate Mattar
    → Fanny Diogo // Communication officer
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    → Camille Braune // Editor-in-chief & proofreader
    → Marie-Florine Vicarini // Proofreader
    → Eulalie Dupont // Proofreader
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  • → Monica Seiceanu // Coordinator
    → Jean-Etienne Pelluet
    → Camille Florance
    → Alexandre Houri-Klein
    → Eva Glatigny
    → Hannah Attar
  • → Jean-Etienne Pelluet // Coordinator
    → Lisa Trichès // Preparation of the sessions
    → Matthias Robic
    → Zéphyr Haution // Animator
    → Victoria Glaizal
    → Thomas Lemire // Special sessions
    → Agathe Manuel // Special sessions
    → Antony Chanthanakone // Special sessions
    → Alexandra Gosse // Communication officer
    → Camille Zeitoun // Coordinator
    → Lisa Maurin
    → Gaspard Perelman
    → Ambrosia
    → Gaelle Rouvier
    → Thomas Lemire // Communication officer
    → Jade Bourdeaux // Secretary-general
    → Renate Mattar
    → Samir Legrand
    → Camille Danan
    → Nathan Le Guay
    → Lisa Billois
    → Agathe Manuel
    → Elea Pertusati
    → Samir Legrand
    → Agathe Manuel
    → Thomas Lemire // Communication officer
    → Lily Ducoeur
    → Kejal Eroktay
    → Irène Michaud
    → Marie Tiberghien // Coordinator
    → Lucie Liu
    → Justin Pillosio
    → Gaelle Rouvier
    → Julie Amo // Paris 1
    → Rodrigue Milleville
    → Paola Firringeri // Communication officer
  • → Louise Morin // Culture columnist and pole coordinator
    → Nicolas Robert // Environmental news columnist
    → Stéphane Geny // Current socio-political columnist
    → Laura Gallery de La Tremblaye // Science columnist
    → Jean Dallem // Radio host
  • → Anastasia Tolmacheva // Sciences Po/Bristol // Coordinator
    → Monica Seiceanu // Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
    → Tristan // King's College London
    → Vlad-Florian Lica
    → Maëlys Christin // Paris 4 // Communication officer
    → Melissa Vazquez Garcia // Paris 1
    → Santiago Olábarri Oriol // Université de Heidelberg
    → Osman Ali Chaudhry // Universitat Potsdam
    → Vivek Bhadra // Birkbeck College, UoL
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  • → Fanny Diogo // Coordinator
    → Anna Meunier // Online magazine communication officer
    → Thomas Lemire // Cafés-philo & Plateaux-philo Communication officer
    → Maëlys Christin // Worldwide relations Communication officer
    → Mathis Guerreiro // Opium TV & Radiopium Communication officer
    → Alexandra Gosse // Communication officer
    → Paola Firringeri // Conferences Communication officer
    → Victoria Repeta // Graphic designer, Strategy
    → Lisa Tigri // Global strategy consultant
    → Marine Manbrun // Digital strategy consultant
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  • → Céline Caron // Coordinator
    → Pierre Lesaffre
    → Maud Pouget-Abadie
    → Juliette Fauvarque
    → Emilie Valmier-Rocheblave
    → Anouk Costentin
    → Sandra Ronchon
    → Marie Koyouo
    → Lisa Billois
    → Lucile Salou
    → Antoine Catel
    → Elsa Benchemhoun
    → Claire Lefort
    → Janaine Belliard
    → Agathe Manuel
    → Irène Michaud
    → Gaspard Perelman
    → Manon Sage
    → Ophélie Engramer
    → Eva Glatigny
    → Elea Pertusati
    → Monica Seiceanu
    → Loup Mamdy

Our partners

Our events

In our events section we believe that, in order to find the right answers, we have to ask the right questions. This is why we are committed to approaching varied problems which seem relevant to us in order to lead our lives in an approach that is as enlightened as possible.
Our events are there in order to find common ground between the knowledge and research of specialists, with questions and comments from the general public.
From film-lovers at conferences, to more intimate meetings in Parisian bars, we vary the format to show that there is not one single way of ‘philosophising’ or studying philosophy. The film-lovers can find us at The Christine cinema club for a film screening followed by a philosophical debate. Our conferences, organised often in university buildings but also in theatres, bars or local associations tackle societal themes, like for example, the Elite, but also subjects of aesthetic philosophy, philosophy of science (for example Artificial Intelligence) or even political philosophy (for example surveillance and states of emergency).
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Op’Actu is the latest news of Opium Philosophie’s events.
You will find the history and the retransmission of our past events, along with the reviews of our activities café-philo, plateaux-philo (philo-set), conferences, radiopium, cinésthésies, Opium international, and many others.
These reviews outline our events for both the amateur philosophers and the expert philosophers. For the cinephile, there are the decipherings cinémato-philo by the Cinesthésies. For the Anglophile and readers from all over the world, there are the cross-borders correspondences by Opium International.
Op’Actu equals accessible philosophy for everyone. Here, you will find the crux of the spirit of Opium Philosophie: combining our desire to offer a lively discipline, to make it accessible for the most curious, with a high sense of quality as for the contents.
Come along, you cannot miss anything: all Opium is here, and in short!



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The Opium Philosophy Magazine

The Opium Philosophy Magazine opens its pages to the student community, crystallising its thoughts and embellishing them with original creations. So that each article is both twofold and unique, we bring together the work of authors and of artists, for the purpose of shared ideas and shared questions. The 116 pages of this topic aim to ignite within the reader, more so in doubt than in certitude, towards new pathways of thinking rather than the confirmation of truth. By way of a call for contribution, the Opium Review presents each year a current and yet unusual theme, then dismantles it and rebuilds it with innovative views motivated by the renewal of philosophical discourse.
Our latest edition talks about the way we celebrate !

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Our previous issues



For this first issue we have chosen the theme of the journey which reflects our commitment to open philosophy on our contemporary world’s typical phenomena and on the enthusiasm of students.



The second issue of the review will make your mouth water. For the past few years, our society has seen growing stronger and stronger the interest in the topic of feeding oneself through ethical, environmental, practical, nutritional, psychological questions.



Why « the game » ? What is the game ? The game is everywhere. The game is ambivalent. Entertainment and danger at once, the game fluctuates between reason and madness. One poses an enigma to start playing a game, but the game itself is an enigma. Nowadays, terms like economic game and political game are widely used.



The city is ambivalent, both place and subject of thinking. It is also the space of social and political action’s birth and the medium of various artistic expressions. Therefore, the city must be analysed through the prism of cinema, feminism, literature, politics; the city is yours.



Projection exists in human psychology and through a social dynamic. It is the origin of a motion. It introduces and conveys a multitude of voices that take their final shape only when they are heard. It is a sort of speech that has influence on actions.



Night has only been studied very rarely in philosophy, probably because it embodies a topos opposite to truth, well-being, or wisdom. Indeed, it is often linked to darkness – even obscurantism – to falsehood, to confusion or even danger. Daytime on the contrary appears to represent the time for the rigorous, methodical, and solid reflexion that philosophy is seeking.



Two years ago, various writers provided texts on the theme of rhythm, which is a main part of our lives but that is still neglected in philosophy. Through articles, works, and interviews, Opium proposes to question the different branches of rhythm.



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Were to find us ?

Opium Philosophie is a strongly engaged association.
Our engagement is, above all, towards students : giving them a space for free speech, debate, creativity and fulfillment through various activities where each and every one of them can find their place. Activities combining art and philosophy, allowing expression through different medium (radio, writing, debate, conferences, workshops…), encourage students to speak, to develop their thoughts and confront them, in their academic work as well as in their personal life. Present in 12 higher education institutions of Paris and its suburbs, in two provincial establishments and one abroad (Bocconi in Milan), Opium Philosophie seeks to meet the need of expression, as well as the need to develop independent philosophical thought among students.

The commitment to students and marginalized populations is consubstantial to the project of the magazine Opium Philosophie. Commitment to students, as it offers them a place of rare quality speech - putting at their disposition 112 annual pages, encourages them to develop a completely independent way of thinking and allows them to enhance the value of their work : the magazine has contributed to the recognition as artists of the numerous students who have illustrated it, and has even made it possible for one of them to sign two illustration contracts with the publishing house Les belles lettres. The writers can register their contributions to be published. Their work gains value through the magazine’s distribution which is getting bigger and bigger, getting to 47 bookstores in Paris, in the suburbs and in the province, besides the sales at the numerous events of the association. Commitment to marginalized populations, because the magazine is the exclusive support for the interventions of the engagement department of the association, involved with children, prisons and community centers of Paris. Commitment to both students and marginalized populations by proposing a low price to pay for the quality of the work, which guarantees its accessibility for everyone.

Created a couple of years ago already, the engagement department of the association was reinforced in the year 2018-2019. Almost ever since the origins of Opium, we practice philosophy workshops in prisons in partnership with Génépi ; we have also started to work with the association Champ libre so that we can offer an even larger variety of workshops. The workshops with primary school pupils were progressively extended to include workshops with high school students. Since january 2019, Opium Philosophie has been affiliated to the French Federation of Unesco Clubs (FFCU), to express its strong endorsement of the values promoted by Unesco. In partnership with the FFCU, the association intervenes within schools and establishments where there are Unesco clubs.

The Cinesthesies

“Les cinesthésies” is a monthly film club that seeks to create a dialogue between philosophy and cinema.
Each month the team selects a movie in cohesion with the review’s theme of the year. Participants are invited to lead a debate and answer the public’s questions at the end of the screening. The participants are university lecturers, research workers, teachers or professionals, such as directors or actors.
The evening always ends with a reception, so the debate can continue around a drink !

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Radiopium is a philosophical radio programme. Each month our four radio reporters gather to introduce and debate around four current main themes.
With Stéphane Geny, Laura de la Tremblaye, Nicolas Robert, Louise Morin and Jean Dallem.

Representing of the activities of Opium Philosophie for over nine years, our magazine seeks to bring together all the members of the association, contributors (writers or artists), students interested in our approach, other stakeholders of the world of philosophy or not. Halfway between the magazine and the book, it establishes a dialogue between philosophy and the arts. Here, philosophy is a reflection on everyday life and its stakes: anchored in the present, it is open to exchange and addressed to all. The magazine of Opium Philosophie contributes to the influence of the literary, artistic but also editorial skills of the students of the University. Small or large stock exchanges, individuals or companies, you can now support Opium Philosophie spontaneously, by a simple donation.

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